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How to overcome the current difficulties under the epidemic?

Published by admin 2022-12-20


The COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 and had a huge impact on the retail market. A busy global market suddenly

quieted down. During this stage, jewelry stores have seen a rapid decrease in customer flow, or even closure of the

phenomenon, leading brands began to worry, and constantly looking for ways to increase revenue.


Under the impact of the epidemic, what actions can jewelry brands take to alleviate the situation?


At present, the focus of the work mainly around the following aspects:

1. Promote the online business, as like TV shopping show, and SNS;

2. Effectively separate online and offline products. Online products are mainly small and fresh ones with low unit

price, while offline products are relatively expensive and pay more attention to experience;

3. Guide offline customer to online shopping and ordering.


For regular jewelry stores, the process of realization of online business will be slow, but it is of great significance to

the long-term development of the brand. The core of "new retail" is to promote the integration of online and offline

processes, it is a new trend of business, even the global business recover in the future, there will be no distinction

between old and new retail, and the jewelry industry must develop simultaneously online and offline. Whoever takes

the lead will have the opportunity to make profits.


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